Liquid Filled Pouch Package

At American FlexPack, Inc., our experience in producing the finest custom packaging services is well-known throughout the industry. Our expertise in this area is well exemplified by our liquid-filled pouch packaging services. Whether customers require assistance with product concepts, successful prototyping, or full production, our team of experts delivers with packaging of the highest quality. We have a design and engineering staff to help with presentation, special packaging features, and achieving the highest levels of efficient production based on packaging design. Our marketing experience covers a vast range of niche markets, supplying us with expertise in applications as diverse as insect repellents to sun screens and more.

We operate advanced equipment that allows us to provide a wide variety of production capacities. We create filled packages in widths ranging from 2” to 8.5” and in lengths ranging from 2” to 12”. We can fill these packages with volumes as low as .25 ml to 3 oz (900 ml), and with viscosities that range from water to media with the thickness of peanut butter. A diverse selection of products have been used with our packaging, ranging from lotions, creams, liquids, and pastes to powders, towelettes, wipers, sponges, and many others. We have served the automotive, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, industrial, and commercial industries with pouches that maximize aesthetic appeal while providing the most reliable design and packaging.

Our fully qualified staff can help you review your project with a full packaging concept consultation. In addition reviewing your product’s packaging possibilities, we also provide a presentation of our CAD design capabilities. We provide full turnkey services when needed for a broad range of products. And when it’s time for production, our facility can produce at high levels of volume. We maintain over 30 production lines, capable of producing five million pouches per day.

Above all, we ensure that all of the pouch solutions we provide are of the highest quality. We strictly abide by the CGMP standards for quality as set by the FDA, and also provide a full range of inspections for all of the pouches we manufacture. Our lead times are some of the most competitive in the industry as well, including complete projects finished in as short as two weeks.

To learn more about our liquid filled pouch package services, please contact us directly.

Liquid Filled Pouch Packaging Specifications

From your initial product concept stage, to package prototyping and market sampling—we can help you target a successful product launch. We can provide ideas for your product presentation and packaging to add features. Or we can improve per-unit costs with recommendations for more efficient production based on package design options.

On the marketing front, our experience in the consumer and industrial sides can add valuable strategies to your competitive arsenal. In addition, we have extensive niche market expertise in packaging segments ranging from insect repellents, to self-tanning lotions, to automotive dashboard wipes.

Start now to review your project, in confidence, with:
  • A consulting concept conference
  • Review of single-use package types, including wet wipes and towelettes
  • Review of pouch packs for lotions, creams, liquids
  • Packaging possibilities for pouches with various closures and bottoms
  • A review of our CAD design and capabilities
  • Specific turnkey packaging ideas for consumer skin care, cosmetic, industrial and automotive wipes
We have 30 lines capable of producing 5 million pouches per day.

Pouch Width
2 in.
8.5 in
See our " Sample Pouch Sizes " on the main page of the website under the Sample Packages tab.
Pouch Length
2 in.
12 in
See our " Sample Pouch Sizes " on the main page of the website under the Sample Packages tab.
Materials Commonly Processed

We can provide a wide range of packaging and delivery methods for your product:

Creams, lotions, liquids, pastes, free flowing graduals or powders, towelettes, capsules, tablets, gel caps, wipers, sponges.

Automotive Industry:
  • Cleaner packets
  • Dashboard towelettes
  • Lubrication packets
  • Tire cleaner packs
  • Tire & Wheel Treatment packs
Personal Care/Cosmetic Industry:
  • Cleaners
  • Creams
  • Lotions
Cosmeceutical, Pharmaceutical, & Neutraceutical Industries:
  • Cleaners
  • Ointments
  • Lotions
  • Medication
  • Supplement
Industrial, Commercial & Household Single Use Packaging:
  • Laundry Detergents
  • Cleaners
  • Oil
  • Polishes
  • Waxes
  • Computer screen cleaners
  • Interior Convenience/Institutional Towelettes
Secondary Operations Available
With more than 30 production lines, dedicated laboratory support and expanded warehousing, we can handle all your product converting requirements.
Industries Served
Personal Care
Equipment List
  • (30) Horizontal Form Fill and Seal, Intermittent Motion, Pouch Machines.
  • Hi-Bar Metering Fill Pumps
  • Small Character Inkjet Coding.
Inspection Process
FDA GMP filler/labeler. Weight checks per each line for fill accuracy, product retains, stability testing, micro testing in and out, Audits welcome.
QC Process & Certifications
We strictly abide by the FDA's "CGMPs" Standard for Quality
Acceptable File Formats
Share your graphics and data with us by submitting your Mac Illustrator files for the graphic art on the pouches, and PDF files for general previews.
Lead Times
Lead Times as Short as Two Weeks.

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