American FlexPack provides reliable and high-quality contract packaging to different industries. We ensure every package is available for your needs and requirements, keeping your best interests in mind with every solution we design and produce.

We have experience working with many different industries, so we already have a thorough understanding of what each of these sectors requires from their packaging. Fortunately, our expert team allows us to create a concept that will exceed your expectations.

We have a large fleet of form, fill, and seal machines that can quickly produce significant and small-scale volume orders. So from the design to completion, we can deliver the results you’re searching for without wasting time.

Industries We Serve

We’re one of the most reputable packaging companies in the United States that offer world-class and top-tier packaging. Our custom solutions give us a chance to create products that are ideal for every application that your industry may prefer.

Health & Beauty Health & Beauty Health and Beauty Industry The health and beauty industry revolves around many products, such as make-up, hair care, fragrances, bathing products, and more. These require Cosmetic Sample Sachet Packaging Services that are designed to fill a variety of cosmetic products, such as pouches and sachets.

Examples of products we can fill: •Creams •Lotions •Make-up wipes •Liquid make-up •Bath and body products

For this industry, our flexible cosmetic sachets range from a minimum size of 1.625" width and 2" height and a maximum of 8" width and 9" height. On the other hand, the fill volume minimum is 0.5mL, and the maximum is 4oz.

Other benefits of cosmetic samples packaging are as follows: •Durable •Versatile •Moisture Barrier

These benefits make it easier for you to store, ship, and dispose of your items quickly. It’s handy and will indeed represent your brand!
Automotive Automotive Automotive Industry The automotive industry uses a wide range of products for car care. Therefore, simple yet durable packaging solutions are required to withstand this demanding environment. Fortunately, we offer single-use sachets and pouches, fluid-filled, and specialty packaging types that are ideal for any automotive care products.

These products are as follows: •Restoration kits •Polishes •Waxes •Washes •Interior wipes •Tire sponges

We have different solutions that can handle these products without a problem. The minimum and maximum pouch size and fill volume may vary depending on your product type. For instance, for Fluid Filled pouches, the minimum size is 1.625" width and 2" height with a maximum of 8" width and 9" height. The fill size minimum is 0.5mL with a maximum of 4oz.

If you opt for custom specialty pouches and sachet packaging and filling, there are several options. These are the following:

Die-cut pouches: Offers greater design flexibility for custom packaging •Dual and trio-filled pouches: These can accommodate multiple fluids in one convenient packette •Dual Towel-Filled Pouches: These can accommodate multiple towels, wet or dry in one handy application •Sponge-Filled Pouches: We customize pouches that can fit sponges and other cleaning materials
Household Household Household Use If your brand or company is dedicated to creating and selling products for household use, then American FlexPack is an ideal option. We can offer packaging choices that can carry your household products in an aesthetically pleasing way.

The household products we commonly have packaging solutions for are the following: •Surface wipes •Laundry products •Pet care products •Appliance cleaners

Our options are perfect since they can handle liquids, wipes, towelettes, and other household products.
Nutraceutical Nutraceutical Nutraceuticals The nutraceuticals industry encompasses three main branches: dietary supplements, functional foods, and herbal or natural products. These products require a secure packaging option since they are consumed by people every day. Therefore, consider flexible packaging for these products.

The common nutraceuticals we fill are as follows: •Dietary supplements •Tablets •Gummies •Capsules •Liquid vitamins •Functional foods •Minerals

The primary packaging option we offer for this industry is Capsule Packaging, especially if your company carries, tablets, pills, and other capsule-based products. However, you can also opt for fluid-filled pouches or single-use sachets and Pouches if you have liquids that need to be filled.
Personal Care Personal Care Personal Care Personal care products are a part of the beauty industry, so it's essential to promote them attractively and functionally. We offer several different packaging options to showcase your personal care products.

These are the standard personal care products we often package: •Body wash •Shampoo •Conditioner •Lotions •Soaps •Oral care •Baby wipes •Sports wipes •Baby products

With these products in mind, we ensure we have all the packaging options available. If you want a particular design, it's best to choose the different Specialty Packaging choices available to accommodate the needs of your products and consumers.
Industrial Industrial Industrial Another industry that we work with is the industrial sector. It's an expansive industry, and products range from chemicals. It's best to find a packaging solution that will fit all types of products this sector offers for better distribution.

Some of the everyday industrial items we package are as follows: •Tool wipes •Pest control •Scrubs •Decontamination wipes

You can choose from Sachets and Pouches, Fluid Filled, Towelettes, Cosmetics, and Specialty packaging options as these can carry the above mentioned products

Benefits of Choosing American FlexPack for All Your Packaging Needs

Whichever industry you belong to, you want to provide your consumers with products in packaging that looks great and reflects your brand. At the same time, they must be secure and easy to store to prevent clutter. Fortunately, you can use our products for various applications with numerous benefits.

These benefits are as follows:

  • Speedy production
  • Different options to choose from
  • Safe and reliable
  • Can be customized
  • Stringent quality control
  • Highest quality of packaging materials
  • Competitive prices
  • Short lead times
  • FDA and EPA registered
  • BPA-free flexible packaging

We have all the in-house capabilities required to create packaging that will fit all your specifications. At the same time, we have to put your best interest in mind to ensure that the quality, goals, and objectives you’re aiming for are achieved.

Work with Us & Choose the Best Packaging Solution for Your Products

We understand how each industry is different from the others. So we ensure that we have a packaging solution you can easily choose from without hassle. Furthermore, we work with our clients closely so that we get the vision you have in your mind. 

So if you have any concerns or questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. You can also request a quote, and we’ll be with you shortly so we can talk about your project!