American FlexPack has the capability to fill gel caps, tablets, pills, gummies, and other capsule products into single use packettes and sachets.



Pouch Size

2.5” wide
2.5” height

4” wide
6” height

Number of Capsules



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American FlexPack specializes in filling single-use pill packaging that makes products more convenient and appealing to target markets. We can fill and seal packettes with capsules such as dietary supplements, functional foods, minerals, and vitamins in a variety of forms, including capsules, gel caps, gummies, and pills.

Whether you sell personalized daily supplements with different combinations of capsules in a single order or you specialize in broad-spectrum nutraceuticals, we’re here to help make sure your products reach your customers in the right packaging for their lifestyle.

Applications for Single-Use Capsule Packaging

In today’s developing personal care marketplace, consumers are looking for reliable sources for vitamins and supplements. Personalized formulas and combinations of capsules are an essential element of this service, and convenient packaging is just as important. Some of the biggest markets for single-use capsule packaging are:


Consumers are learning more about minerals, vitamins, and other essential nutrients; educated consumers want convenient, personalized doses that help them achieve their wellness goals. We can package combinations of nutraceuticals and dietary supplements in daily packaging. Not only do daily packages make these supplements an easier routine to manage, but they also have more surface area for branding and marketing to your customers.

Multi-Pill Packets

Busy consumers don’t want to have to sort through multiple containers to find the pills they need to take every day. That’s why we offer plastic packaging services to combine multiple pills within a single pouch. Your customers can order combinations of supplements and capsules and have them pre-organized into daily doses.

Pill and Capsule Protection

Pills can degrade if they’re packaged or stored improperly. Our flexible plastic packaging creates a barrier that keeps out moisture, oxygen, and contaminants. The opaque surface of customized packaging also blocks UV radiation from causing any degradation. While the packages are sealed, they keep pills, powders, and supplements locked inside. The single-use pouch also ensures customers don’t have to worry about open containers of pills.

Sample Packaging for Capsules and Pills

Samples are an excellent way to help interested customers learn more about your products. We can package one-time or daily doses of multiple product combinations. This simple sample fulfillment can engage customers looking for convenience and improved health who may not know how much convenient packaging can help them stick to healthy routines.

Why Turn to American FlexPack for Capsule and Pill Filling Services?

Our facility is FDA and EPA-registered, and we comply with 21 CFR 111. Our flexible packaging is BPA free so health-conscious consumers can feel reassured about the safety of the packaging touching consumable products. We also source our plastic packaging from environmentally responsible partners and use low-waste processes to minimize our company’s footprint.

We focus exclusively on packaging capsules and supplements in flexible plastic packaging so we can deliver a high-quality packaging service. We can fill and package products in complex combinations to personalize capsule orders for your customers. Talk to us today about finding the right packaging size and shape, for both retail orders and samples, that best fit your private label packaging needs. Contact us today to learn more about our packaging options or request a quote to get started.