Fluid Filled
American FlexPack has vast experience pumping and filling a wide range of product viscosities into a single use pouch. From small sampling to retail packaging, we will guide you to your correct sizing and packaging needs.



Pouch Size

1.625” width
2” height

8” width
9” height

Fill Volume



Fill Types

Free flowing liquids including lotions, creams, gels, serums, oils, pastes, etc.

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American FlexPack has extensive experience with filling single-use sachets and pouches with liquid, and we’ve filled pouches with liquids across a wide range of viscosities. From sample packets to retail packaging, we will guide you to your correct sizing and packaging needs.

Benefits of Pouch Packaging for Liquids

There are many benefits to liquid pouch packaging. Some of these include:

  • Easy to ship. Liquid pouches are among the safest means for transporting cosmetics, mineral solutions, nutritional supplements, and many other liquid-based products.
  • Lightweight. Pouches have an exceptionally low weight, so they add little to the total product weight when filled. The lower packaging weight also contributes to more affordable transportation costs.
  • Easy storage and display. Liquid pouches are durable and not easily damaged, facilitating long storage times. They can also be custom-printed to facilitate aesthetically pleasing displays.
  • Affordable. Pouches use material very efficiently, ultimately requiring far less material than plastic bottles or other liquid storage solutions. This results in a lower overall packaging cost.


There are many applications for liquid pouch packaging. At American FlexPack, we’ve provided liquid pouch packaging for a variety of industries, such as:

  • Health and beauty. The health and beauty sector relies on liquid pouch packaging for lotions, haircare products, cosmetics, and more.
  • Automotive. Pouch packaging is often ideal for polishes and cleansers used in the automotive sector.
  • Household. An expansive range of laundry solutions, cleaning products, and pet care items are packaged using pouches.
  • Nutraceutical. Our pouch packaging is used for various nutritional products, such as liquid vitamins and other supplements.
  • Industrial. Liquid packaging has many industrial applications, such packaging for lubricants and cleansers.

Why Turn to American FlexPack for Liquid Filling of Pouches?

At American FlexPack, we have performed contract filling services for single-use packaging since 2000.. We’ve produced and filled single-use liquid pouches for a variety of private labels and industry leaders. Our expertise is second-to-none, and you can count on our team to deliver the best products for your business.

We can fill pouches for retail or sample use, and we work with a broad scope of liquid materials and viscosity types. We have significant experience working with difficult liquids, which enables us to provide liquid pouch filling and packaging solutions for any liquid type. Our specialty pouches are available with up to three chambers, which enables us to support multi-liquid products that require different solutions to be packaged together.

Ultimately, our liquid pouch packaging is a single-source solution for handling, transportation, and display needs. We’re an FDA-approved labeler and are an EPA-established company. In addition, we adhere to 21 CFR 111 requirements, ensuring we deliver the highest quality packaging products for your business. All our flexible packaging products are BPA-free, and we only partner with environmentally friendly third-party businesses for our raw materials.

To see how our liquid pouch packaging solutions can work for your products, please contact us or request a quote today.