Single-use sachets are disposable packaging materials used to hold small amounts or quantities of products that can be used within a single sitting. They are a simple and convenient method of delivering a variety of products to consumers. The following blog post discusses some of the popular uses for single-use sachet packaging.

Product Samples

Manufacturers rely on single-use sachets to hold samples of dry and liquid products. Examples include cleaning supplies, cosmetics, and nutraceuticals.

Moist Towelettes

Moist towelettes are often individually packaged to reduce the risk of product contamination. Single-use sachets can be used to hold towelettes in a variety of sizes (e.g., American FlexPack accommodates towels ranging from 2 inches wide by 3 inches long to 5 inches wide by 12 inches long).

Nutraceutical Capsules

Single-use sachet packaging is ideal for distributing nutraceutical products, such as gel caps, gummies, pills, tablets, and other capsule products. They can be used to hold one or several capsules, depending on the recommended portion size.


As indicated above, single-use sachets are ideal for cosmetic product samples, such as shampoos and lotions. The smaller size allows customers to test whether a product meets their specifications and standards without committing to/investing in a full-size portion.


Sponges are used in a wide range of cleaning applications. By packaging them in single-use sachets, sponge manufacturers and distributors ensure they remain clean before they’re needed.

Cleaning Products

Fluid FilledSingle-use sachet packaging is used for household cleaning products such as disinfecting wipes and laundry detergent. It enables manufacturers and distributors to preportion the appropriate amount or quantity of the product to make it easier to use for consumers.

Liquid Products

Single-use sachets can contain dry or liquid materials. Liquid sachet examples include makeup creams, cleaning gels, lubricants, pastes, and liquid vitamins.

Industrial Products

Single-use sachets are used to package a wide range of consumer products. However, they can also be used for industrial products, such as decontamination wipes, pest control compounds, scrubs, and tool wipes.

Sachets for Private Label Products

Private label products are products that are produced by a third-party manufacturer but packaged and distributed under another company’s branding. Common examples of private label products filled into sachets include private label moist towelettes and wipes for health and beauty, cleaning, or sanitary applications.

American FlexPack offers sachet filling services for private label products. While we don’t produce the above products, we fill them into a range of pouch sizes using our fleet of 30 form, fill, and seal machines.

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