American FlexPack is a dedicated contract packager for single-use pouch packaging and filling services. We offer packaging services for private label, single-use towelettes and wipes. If you’re in need of filling services for pouches or sachets for cosmetic, personal care, or cleaning applications, American FlexPack is capable of filling customized private label towelettes and wipes in a variety of sizes and specifications.



Pouch Size

2” width
2.5” height

5” width
7” height

Towel Size

2.5” web width
3” cutoff length

15” web width
12” cutoff length

Fill Volume



Towel Types

We inventory a variety of nonwoven spunlace and spunbond materials for you to choose from, or we can procure to your specification.

At American FlexPack, we guide customers through the selection and production process, priding ourselves on quick order fulfillment and rigorous quality assurance testing—for private label wipes and towelette products you can rely on.

Applications for Private Label Wipes

Private label wipes are useful for a broad range of applications in numerous industries. From health and beauty products to household cleaning, they can prove useful in a variety of circumstances.

  • Complimentary Hand Wipes – Complimentary hand wipes are an easy way to improve brand visibility while providing a useful product. Small sachets and packets of complimentary hand wipes can be distributed everywhere from restaurants and hotels to offices and airplanes.
  • Health and Beauty – Facial cleansers, toners, and other health and beauty products are administered using moistened pre-packaged towelettes. As a result, they are easily distributed in single-use packets that are ideal for travel or even daily use.
  • Household Cleaning – Whether you are wiping up a spill or dusting surfaces, moistened towelettes can be a useful household cleaning tool. But, “household uses” doesn’t mean you only use them in your home. Prepackaged towelettes are equally useful for wiping down surfaces in your garage, car, and outbuildings.
  • Personal Care – Personal care products, such as moisturizing wipes, have seen growing demand in recent years. Single-use packages make it easy to carry these with you, no matter where you are going.

What Is a Private Label Product?

Private label products are those produced by a third-party manufacturer but packaged and outfitted for distribution by another, allowing companies to acquire uniquely branded, quality products with packaging that will have the greatest impact on potential customers.

  • Control Over Branding – With private label branding, there is more control over the process. Logos, colors, textures, and other product considerations can be controlled at all levels to ensure a specific finished product.
  • Adaptability – Private label production can be adapted to suit your specifications: You choose the configuration, size, and design. And, with 30 state of the art production lines in a 124,000 sq ft facility, we’ll be ready to fulfill your needs.
  • Speedy Production – Thanks to our use of the most modern technology, private label production is quick and efficient, so you can be sure to get the product you need, exactly when you need it.

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Advantages of Choosing American FlexPack

When you choose American FlexPack, you know that you will receive the highest quality packaging services and materials with the utmost efficiency at competitive prices. Our fleet of 30 form, fill, and seal machines allow us to produce large and small batch orders quickly with short lead times. We are an FDA and EPA registered facility, and we abide by the requirements of 21 CFR 111. What’s more, all of our flexible packaging is BPA free.

American FlexPack’s contract packaging services for private label wipes and towelettes are performed with the utmost attention to detail. We understand that customers often buy based on packaging, and branding is one of the most important aspects of package production. Our knowledgeable and experienced experts will work directly with you to ensure that the material, color, design, and size of the product are in line with your vision. To learn more about American FlexPack’s superior private label products and services, contact us today.

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